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Discovery, continuous improvement, and a pursuit of greater understanding of others and the world are the pillars upon which I’ve built my career in life thus far.

Pursuing an Engineering Education Specialist M.A.Sc. in Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto, these guiding principles have led me to focus my attention on improving technical education/training and development. I currently work in leadership development for engineering students (undergraduate and graduate) and young professionals. Leveraging my dual background in chemical engineering and education, I’m constantly looking for new ways to hybridize technical learning with personal development, particularly through the lens of engineering design and social innovation.

My experience has shown me that the greatest reward is to help others to fulfill their own potential and realize their true values, whether encouraging colleagues to speak up about issues or to push people to take risks and pursue their vision for a better world, nothing is more powerful than being able to cultivate the talent of those around you.

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Email: albert.huynh[at]utoronto.ca